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Art Background

  •  Annette Wallach Cohen has been drawing, painting and taking photographs since childhood.  Annette graduated from The High School of Music and Art and went on to complete her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the City University in New York, Hunter College. She has a graduate degree from The College of New Rochelle with a Master of Fine Arts in Art Therapy and a Master of Science in Community School Psychology.  Annette's 27-year career as a School Psychologist in East Harlem gave her an opportunity to create a variety of systemic classroom based programs that built the social skills and raised the self-esteem of her students.  She inspired many of the P.S. 1465 youngsters to draw and paint.
  • Her photograph grew out of her passion to explore the world through reflected images.  Using digital tools such as Photoshop she's been able to highlight what is viewed as the "real" world as well as what she visualizes in her mind's eye.  She continually creates images that are based on imaginative external and internal musings using a sophisticated mix of photography and drawing to capture and generate her excitement with places and people.
  • For the past 12 years Annette has been a docent at The Rubin Museum of Art in New York City, sharing her love of Himalayan Art on her weekly tours.
  • Travel throughout New York City and other cities  provides inspiration for her continued artistic expression.

Recent Exhibitions

Annette's most current exhibition is at the Riverfront Art Gallery @Yonker's Riverfront Library it's an art show titled "Unsettled" -the photograph, "Valentine's Day Rebirth" is a visualization of a woman who rises after  decades of silence and emerges from the clear, 

transparent image on the right of the photograph.  The strength of a women's own power is revealed, and her voice springs from her soul and mind.  In this photograph her knowledge is reborn , complete with her wisdom, intelligence, humor, deep compassion and love.

To be!

Finally all the opportunities are revealed with the promise of options and multiple choices!

A  forceful "Yes"!

This image praises a women's life...not just the "Valentine's Day Rebirth" but the strength and power to celebrate and sing her collective visual songs.

March, 2018

Past Exhibitions

In an exhibition at the Richard E. Halperin Memorial Library Building-Harrision, New York-Annette had a one person show "Fotofantasmics" in December 2015-Her work is a synthesis of an exaggerated world filled with brilliant, saturated colors and shapes that expanded upon the transient state of material by creating an ultra-real, "Fantastic World."

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